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Empathy Is the Answer

Empathy Is the Answer

Empathy is essential to fully forgive another. Once we begin to see
the world as our offender sees it, we can understand (not necessarily
condone) their behavior. We must recognize that we all sin out
of our own hurts. What drove someone to hurt us was merely their
own pain projected outwardly.
For example, the seemingly extreme reactivity that a coworker
demonstrates to any “feedback” rendered may be a manifestation of
an old childhood hurt delivered by a hypercritical parent. The scrub
nurse who seems to be absolutely obsessed with detail may be
expressing a fear of failure instilled by an alcoholic parent. An
excessively demanding patient may have suffered a recent personal
loss of a loved one and is looking for solace from a potential “healer.”
And lastly, the orderly with a seeming lack of ambition maybe
was told repeatedly by a parent that he “would never amount to
There can be no real peace in one’s life without forgiveness.
Take positive steps to forgive those that have hurt you. In addition,
consider enlisting the help of a therapist to help heal yourself of
old hurts so that “offenses” won’t come so easily. Then watch your
life soar.