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Relationships and the Medical Marriage

Relationships and the Medical Marriage

The life of a physician is filled with excitement, personal satisfaction,
and … daily anxiety. I run two operating rooms, see approximately
110 patients a week, and do my best to educate the next generation
of surgeons. I would not trade my vocation for any other; yet stress
abounds each and every day. My wife of 29 years, Marie (Fig. 4.1),
my trusted colleagues, friends, and staff all help buoy my emotions,
and I am quick to share my professional journey with them.
We all need the trusted support of a significant other—whether a
spouse, close personal friend, or family member—to help soften
the daily stressors that confront us.
Relationships, not material things, determine our personal happiness
[1]. In fact, the quality of our lives is directly proportional
to the quality of our relationships. The deeper each relationship,
the more influence it has on our well-being.
This chapter focuses chiefly on the importance of our significant
other—spouse or partner. I hope to demonstrate that resiliency is
utterly unattainable without a commitment to nurturing those
important people in our lives.